Bad hair transplants

Bad hair transplant repair -correction clinic Lahore

What is bad hair transplant? 

1- Un-natural frontal hairline.

2- Less density

3- Poor hair growth

4- problem with angle of transplanted hair

5- Tenting or depression in the scalp after hair transplantation.

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed corrective hair restoration in Lahore -Pakistan This gentleman already had one session from Jail Road Lahore with poor hair growth and un natural frontal hairline. Dr.Ahmad performed Fue hair transplant procedure – No incision, No scar, No stitches and No discomfort. 

Low density hair transplant

Poor hair growthCrown or Vertex area

Dense packing frontal hairline

Crown Area marking for Hair restoration

Donor area Fue procedure

Left side donor area Fue hair transplant Lahore

Previous strip surgery Scar2000 grafts will cover frontal area