Best Hair Transplant Surgeon

Are you looking for the best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan Lahore? Finding a best surgeon is a serious matter because the result of surgery has a great impact on your personality. When someone loose hair, it is common to search for hair loss treatments, solutions and remedies. Hair restoration is one of the best solutions for baldness. Are you looking for quality clinic in Pakistan? Like other things of life, quality has its own price and same principle applies here, the best procedure in Pakistan is little costly. The major reason for little high  cost in Pakistan in comparison to other clinics is the surgeon who put maximum effort for best  result, surgery team is experienced and they are top notch in the field of hair restoration surgery. Cost in Pakistan is affordable and cheaper as compared to other countries of the world. Your main consideration should not be cost rather you should find track record and proven result oriented doctor in Pakistan. Our clinic in Lahore has the best surgeon who will provide you with the best  surgical hair replacement services.
All hair transplant clinics in Lahore Karachi and Islamabad determine cost on the same method. The cost depends upon number of grafts or follicles.Hair Restoration specialist evaluates your scalp and determine how many grafts or follicles you require. The price vary from individual to individual. Some have Norwood Class 2 or 3 male pattern baldness while others have advanced male pattern baldness. Cost in these two cases would be entirely based on number of follicles or grafts. There are different methodologies to determine prices, some institutes in Pakistan charge according to sessions like small, medium, large and mega procedure. Mega session will cost you more as compared to small session. Normally one small session is less than 1000 number of follicular units while mega hair  session contains more than 3000 grafts or follicular units.
The best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan you will find, be honest with you and provides true information.During your initial consultation; he will guide and try to help you so that your problem would be solved. He will suggest you all treatment options including surgical hair restoration as well as non surgical hair replacement system. It is not an everyday procedure rather it is life time procedure and one is supposed to choose the best surgeon for that.  This initial step will reduce later complications related to procedure. Make it sure, your  surgeon chooses best  technique or latest  method for you.
Baldness could be genetic.  If your grand parents are bald then there are strong chances that you would also loose hair and develop same pattern of baldness. Hair loss is present in male as well as female patients. However in female there is partial baldness rather thinning called female pattern baldness. To get hair back and natural look is a prime goal of every bald person. This goal can be achieved with modern surgery techniques. Now it is possible to get maximum front hairline density, natural look, and undetectable hair plantation. When you have good research and knowledge about procedure details, side effects of hair loss surgery and qualities of best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan, you would be in a better position to choose best clinic  in Pakistan.

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