Best hair transplant in pakistan 2015 dr.ahmad chaudhry

Best hair transplant in pakistan 2015 dr.ahmad chaudhry. When you talk about Lahore and hair surgeons there, who can forget the name of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry? Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is one of the best skin and hair specialists of Pakistan.Are you worried about your hair loss and skin issues? Is that so, you must take care of these things. There are certain myths regarding hair restoration and Fue treatments. These myths must be cleared up before going for a hair surgery or skin procedure.First of all, talking about hair transplants and skin surgeries, you need to determine what kind of skin treatment is needed and what benefit it would give you in the long run. For example, people who are chronic patients of acne may need more acne surgeries and skin resurfacing procedures, depending upon the kind of acne they have. If acne is conglobated one and reoccurs again and again on skin, then the idea of one time skin surgery or Microdermabrasion or punch incisions may not be very effective.While talking about the hair surgery and myths related with it, you must make sure that some of the side effects would be still there even after a hair transplant. Same way, if you have grown old and your face has started wrinkling, then a course of Botox injections may be needed after every four or six months in order to avoid face from having more wrinkles. Now see the case of Hema Malini. The dream girl of yesteryears has spent lot of money on her facial surgery and a major stiffness in her face could be felt in her recent images. Botox injections have some side effects too and this kind of skin treatments shall only be considered after having discussions with your doctor.

Now coming to patients of Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry, they are happy and satisfied with the post effects of their surgery. They only felt little pain and stiffness on the first night of hair surgery and it went away after a few days. The patients are like that all fear related to hair surgery went away as Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry made them very comfortable during and after the surgery. While talking about their new hairstyles and new hair, they were like that they feel as if a new life is given to them. If you are facing permanent hair loss or alopecia that runs in the family, then thinking seriously on this matter is very important. Also the kind of budget you have in your pocket seriously matters. You doctor would also decide how many hair restoration procedures would be needed exactly. In fact, the post effects results of hair re-growth start appearing after one year of surgery. Normal re-growth starts taking place after a year. Some patients become impatient and ask again and again about their new hair re-growth. However, if you feel that you are not satisfied with the post effects of first hair restoration session, then you may need to go for a secondary hair transplant procedure after a year. If you are based at Lahore, it is recommended to set an appointment with Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry.