Body Hair Transplant

Body Hair Transplant

Body hair transplant in Pakistan

Body hair transplant in Pakistan can give you amazing results if performed by an experienced and skilled hair restoration surgeon. If you have good number of hair on chest, beard, legs or abdomen then Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is performing body hair transplant in Pakistan at his Cosmoderma clinic frequently. It is a new hope for those patients who have less scalp donor area. Those who already had many strip surgeries and visible scars in the donor area can also benefit from this latest development of follicular unit extraction procedure. Mostly people know about hair loss treatment for scalp but now body, beard and eyebrows hair restoration are also being performed by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Pakistan. The procedure is almost same but skill, qualification and experience vary from clinic to clinic. If you decide to go for hair loss treatment to get rid of baldness then they also use their body hair or chest hair for scalp.  Normally, surgeon takes hair follicles from the back of the head that is also called donor area and place these hairs in the recipient area that is also known as bald area of the head.

Follicular unit Extraction is best for body

Nowadays, We  are using follicular unit technique for BHT.  It is a most effective method and show good results as compare to other techniques. This technique is available almost in all countries. If you want to opt for surgical hair regrowth method then you should select creative and skillful surgeon to get 100 percent results.

Body hair use as donor hair:


If you have no hair around the head or have full baldness pattern then body hair or chest hair can be utilized as a donor hair.  If you visit the surgeon for consultation about the hair restoration procedure and don’t have adequate donor area, no need to worry about it because you can use your body hair or chest hair as a donor . The donor hair are hair follicles that are required to extract and place into the bald area around the head. Therefore, we can say that BHT  is now possible on the full bald hair. You just need to find an experienced and creative surgeon for extensive baldness treatment. As you know, it is painless procedure and you can get back to normal life just after the surgery. Similarly, if you have bald chest then you can grow hair with the help of Fue procedure.  It is possible to have hair restoration procedure on bald head, eyebrows, chest or even beard.

Body hair transplant for scalp results:

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is performing body hair transplant in Pakistan via Fue technique for the last 17 years. Its results are highly dependable on the experience and skills of the surgeon and your hair pattern as well.  About 80% of people get successfully regrowth of hair after the procedure. Therefore, think positive and hope for the best. Just try to find quality surgeon and don’t ever compromise on experience and skillful surgeon in order to save money. The better results depend on the skills and creativity of the surgeon. Therefore, be careful while choosing surgeon for body hair transplant in Pakistan or abroad.

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