Hair Growth Tips

          How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Long, beautiful and thick hair is a dream of every girl out there. Who doesn’t want to look good with having long locks. But to have long and thick hair, it is very much important to have a good balance diet. Your health, genetic factors and well-being affect your rate of hair growth. A person wishing to have healthy hair needs to maintain them through good diet and proper care.

Eating Healthy Food

The first and foremost thing that a person should do is to eat healthy. Your diet should be enriched with minerals, protein and vital vitamins for healthy hair growth. Food can make an incredible difference in how fast your hair grows. Protein is the very stuff that hair is made from and is a building material for the hair to grow faster, stronger and look healthier. For healthy looking long hair one should make sure to include nuts, eggs, chicken, red meat, etc. into their balance diet as all these things have protein with which your hair can grow fast. One should also go for the foods having Vitamins A, B, C and E, iron, copper, selenium, zinc and magnesium. Having Vitamin B-complex is also extremely important for making hair grow faster.

Foods that are rich in Omegs-3 fatty acids, walnuts, winter squash, fish, olive oil and flax seeds are also good for hair growth. About 3% of a hair beam is made up of Omega-3 fatty acids. Add milk, yogurt, cheese, spinach, eggs, grapefruit, brown bread, broccoli, salmon, cabbage, avocado, oats, parsley and bell peppers in your diet to nourish your scalp and hair. Increase the intake of fresh juices of fruits and vegetables, such as carrot, lettuce, grapefruit, beet and orange to give nutritional value to your hair. Try to avoid the nutritional deficiencies like of Vitamin E and Zinc because they tend to affect the hair unfavorably and leads to hair loss.

Using Oil On Scalp

Scalp is the most important area so it needs proper care. Massaging the scalp promotes blood flow which ultimately stimulates the hair follicles. Giving an oil treatment to your hair once in a week is the best way to increase the growth of your hair. It is an easy trick, but can do wonders for your hair. It is preferable to heat up the oil a bit before applying so that it’s pleasantly warm, never boil the oil. The most loved oils for this purpose are Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Linen Oil, Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil. Apply the oil by gently rubbing your fingers on your scalp in a circular motion for about fifteen to twenty minutes and leave in hair for about half an hour and then shampoo your hair carefully. This is not just a relaxing experience, but will also do wonders for your hair, making them glossy, shiny and healthy.

Brushing And Flipping Your Hair

For hair to grow fast it is very much important to brush your hair every day for about 1 or 2 minutes very gently as it stimulates the blood circulation, which is very important for hair follicles to work effectively making your hair grow faster. Flipping your hair upside down for two to four minutes daily is also another effective trick for faster hair growth as it improves the blood circulation too.

Hair Care While Sleeping

It is very much important for one to care for his hair while sleeping. Now the question is How? It is impossible to be careful while sleeping. Well the simple way is to never sleep with a tight ponytail or braid, as it will not help your hair to grow fast and even will cause hair breakage and scalp pain. One more way is the selection of pillow case, it is preferable to sleep in a silk pillow case than the cotton one as it won’t cause friction.These are hair care tips which can keep your hair healthy and probably you will not need any hair transplant surgery. However there are some hormonal causes as well for hair fall and need proper hair loss treatments. To get free advice for baldness treatment , please write or call us as our hair transplant clinic in Pakistan welcomes all individual. Popular treatments : Protein injection for hair regrowth, PRP hair treatment in Lahore,

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