Hair Loss treatment Pakistan

Hair Loss treatment in Pakistan include surgical procedure ,follicular unit extractionScalp hairs are part of personality and appearance. These have different colours like black, blond, grey and brown. Some people keep hair long whiles other short. These undergoes different cycles of growth like anagen, telogen and catagen. This growth cycles remains two to three years. Most of the these are either in the growing or resting phase. Some percentage of these are in shedding phase and new growths takes place and replace the shedding. There is no need to worry if shedding and new growth process is balanced. However if there is more hair fall then regrowth, baldness becomes visible in future.Hair fall is present in male and female patients. It can be inherited and called pattern baldness. Male pattern baldness and thinning is seen in every day consultation. The major causes of baldness are due to diseases, side effects of chemicals, chemotherapy and hormonal.

Hair restoration doctors or Dermatologists diagnose the cause. Many hair loss treatment in Pakistan at various clinics are available. Specialist doctors definitely help you and your hair fall speed would be reduced and after few weeks of treatment, new growth would be visible. Most of the cases of thinning are diagnosed on the basis of history and physical examinations. Some percentage of cases requires specific blood tests or biopsies for diagnosis. Baldness pattern is different in individuals and varies from person to person. Some people have thinning and they don’t have visible patches of baldness while other people have clear patches of baldness. Baldness process continues throughout the life. It is not age specific, however in most of the cases it starts from early twenties and baldness becomes prominent.

Female hair thinning is very depressing and devastating. It has psychological impact and proper diagnosis and treatment is necessary. Female hairs are source of their beauty, seduction, part of personality and desirability. Treatments and solutions are available in Pakistan and our clinic in Lahore suggests you proper measures for care. The treatment options are herbal, medical restoration and advanced options like hair transplantation, surgical replacement and FUE procedure. Our specialist in Lahore gives you advice after examining your baldness condition. We will provide you enough information about its remedies, prevention, hair transplant techniques, laser hair restoration procedure ,complications ,growth and survival of grafts after surgery. PRP is another recent option for hair loss treatment in Pakistan and in some cases prove successful. 

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