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Hair restoration clinic Lahore offers different male and female pattern baldness treatments. With the increasing issue of hair loss the advent of science has counteracted the problem with implication of surgical processes and follicular unit extraction. No matter what are the causes of baldness, under all conditions the underlined phenomenon is carried out under the supervision of specialized physician. Our hair restoration clinic in Lahore offer different kind of hair loss treatments like Fue hair transplant, beard and body hair to scalp.Hair restoration clinic Lahore

Natural Hair restoration

Baldness can be a genetic issue in most of the cases, while in others this may be a result of poor hair care. However, under both situations, the ultimate solution is hair transplant . The goodness of this is that hair grows at a normal rate and boost up the loss confidence in an individual. There are three interventions  that leads to hair regrowth and are discussed below:

Hair transplant surgery:

The surgical procedure is one of the permanent method that involve transfer of grafts from donor regions to the ones with less. It is a process in which follicular units containing one or more hair, up to four is taken and shifted to the zone. This may be designated as a donor site while the later as recipient site. The technique that enjoys multiple names as hair replacement or restoration was initially used to resolve male baldness, but with passing time, it gained equal popularity in females too. This includes treatment against eyebrow hair loss, female pattern baldness, or restoration in any of the bald region of the body. Other than the cosmetic intentions, the procedure is applied to restore hair after a burn or chemotherapy that leads to considerable alopecia in any part of the body. It can serve both cosmetic motives and issues as burn or radiation therapy.


This technique is commonly and widely employed. This involves the extraction of follicular unit from the rear side of the head, having comparatively more hair than the frontal region and may be referred as the donor strip. Soon after the donor region has served its purpose, it is stitched immediately to keep the scarring minimal. With a technique implying the use of a laxometer, the right measurement of laximeter of hair allows the accurate or a more appropriate strip that leads to stitching of the donor region in a way that ends into least scarring. As the strip is taken up, it is further dissected to form singular follicular units. Soon after its transfer to the recipient region, it results in visible hair growth, after a few months of surgery.

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Follicular unit extraction:

Hair restoration clinic Lahore performs on daily basis Fue hair transplant exclusively by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.It may be abbreviated as Fue and commonly known as follicular unit extraction. This employs the same technique of extracting follicles from the lower back of head but by means of a surgical punch or any such device. Usually, a 1 mm punch is employed for a minute circular incision of the skin near to the top section of the follicular unit, removed from the scalp. Then the units are transplanted, manually or through an automated approach, to the recipient site. The whole process is painless, thus the patient remains conscious and enjoys full hair growth within 8- 12 months. Our hair restoration clinic in Lahore is specialized in Fue or folliclar unit extraction procedure for male and female pattern baldness or hair loss.

Fue hair transplant Lahore

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