Hair Transplant Cost

Hair transplant cost in Pakistan Lahore is 40 to 75 rupee per graft. Hair restoration is a procedure that is a blessing for the bald people of Pakistan. They can get this treatment on an affordable price from their country. They can estimate of the price with the help of websites and online forums. Hair loss and baldness are common problem all over the world. There are various causes of these problems. Most of them are genetic or heredity. Hair loss occurs due to male pattern baldness called androgenic alopecia. For permanent treatment, hair surgeries are preferred by patients. These surgeries help the patients in getting new hairs for the life time. These surgeries are available in all the developing countries of the world. You can find these treatments in all developed cities of Pakistan such as, Lahore, Karachi, Rawalpindi and Islamabad. These surgeries are low cost as compared to the non surgical treatments or hair replacement systems.

If you want to get information about hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan, you need to research about it from various sources. The most common source in internet where you can find many websites that can tell you about the average costs of hair restoration surgery in Lahore Pakistan. You can also visit many hair loss and hair transplant network forums where different people have commented about the rate of hair surgery in their city. You can also request different members of the forum to guide you about hair surgical treatment prices. There are many blogs of previously treated patients that can guide you about the latest prices of surgery. The best source is to ask from your friend and relative that has gone through this surgical treatment in the past. They are the most authentic source of guiding you about surgical prices. Within last many years, average prices of hair transplantation in Pakistan have lower down. The reason is that there is now a huge competition in hair replacement surgical industry. Now you can see many hair restoration clinics in a city. They are facing much competition from each other. So those clinics that wanted to attract a large number of patients have to lower down their prices than others. This makes the hair restoration surgical procedure obtainable and cheaper in the country. Despite the low price incurred on treatment, patients can get high quality results after their surgery.

When it comes to average rates of surgery in the country, you will see that price is nothing as compared to the fees you have to pay in developed countries. This price is seventy five percent less as you need to pay on hair restoration in the United States. This is the reason that now many people from these developed countries are coming here to get their treatment. They can get the same quality treatment as they can obtain in their homeland. But they have to pay a very few amount of fees than any clinic in their country. Pakistan is one of those countries where fifty percent of hair restoration surgeries are performed on tourists every year.

Fue hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan ranges form thirty five to sixty Pakistani Rupees in various hair clinics. Follicular unit extraction is an excellent minimal invasive method and it costs as doubled as traditional surgery. Patients need to pay from eighty Pakistani Rupees to one hundred and twenty Pakistani Rupees per graft if they want to get an FUE method. You may find such clinics in the country that are charging ten Pakistani Rupees for providing a single graft. These clinics are operated by such surgeons that have no experience. They can lead you to graft failure and in some cases severe side-effects after the surgery. It is advised to patients to visit the surgeons that have good reputation even he is charging more money from the patients. After reading about hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan , you need to see the result of the clinic before the treatment. You should request them about pre and post operational photos of their previous patients.

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