Hair Transplant Instructions

                                  FUE Hair Transplant Post Op Instructions

Getting the FUE procedure in order to get the hair restoration is turning out to be the most popular technique. This procedure is time-consuming, but very effective and less painful. There are some post-operative care that is recommended for the patients undergoing Fue hair transplant in Pakistan or anywhere else.

Fue hair transplant post operative instructions

Post Operative Care

The patients undergoing the FUE procedure for getting hair loss treatment are likely to receive some comprehensive instructions. They are also being given a set of specialized hair care products along with a custom-designed pillow and a head wear during the stay at the clinic.

 A medication that is prescribed to the patients are usually some antibiotics, likely to be taken daily, one after the morning and one after the evening meals. Pain relief tablets are also helpful for building up the fluid, one tablet after the evening meal, is better to take.

The hair care products that are given to the patients are mostly some lotions, that is supposed to lubricate the transplanted area for 30-45 minutes, before getting washed it with a shampoo. The shampoo should be used as a regular shampoo.

The use of tight-fitted head wear or any kind of a hat, especially if it is of wool, should be avoided within the first 10-14 days after the surgery, as it can cause friction or irritation to the grafts that are newly transplanted. Bandana can be used in order to cover your head as it will not influence the results of the surgery. The transplanted area needs to be open for a quick healing process and thus it is recommended to keep the head open if the patient is indoor.

Tilting the head forward should be avoided along with any physical activity in which there is a chance of sweating and exposure to the sunlight. For at least one month swimming and going to the saunas should be avoided. Smoking and use of alcohol is also a post-op care after the FUE transplant surgery.

The sleeping posture is also a very sensitive part of the post-op care. The patients are advised to sleep on their back in order to avoid any contact of the transplanted grafts region with any object or pillow. The patients are provided with a special pillow at the clinic during their post-op stay. After the first post-op hair wash, which is on the third day of the surgery, the patient can have a normal and a comfortable sleep.

Patients are strongly advised to avoid lying on the sides on their head. Within 7-10 days the patients are allowed to sleep in their normal posture..Swelling might appear over the eyes or the forehead, but this is temporary and will disappear within few days.

Special shampoos are there for washing the transplanted area with very gentle hands. It is recommended to take shower twice a day. The grafts are fit tightly, so there isn’t any tension of  them gets damaged while taking shower. Cleaning of the scalp is very important in order to avoid any infection. If you need to know more about after Fue hair transplant instructions and care then don’t hesitate to call our clinic.

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