Hair Transplant in Lahore

How to get cheap hair transplant in Lahore 

Hair transplant by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry,an experienced surgeon. Hair restoration is a procedure that helps in permanent hair regrowth. It is available in the big cities of the country. You can also find the best doctors for your treatment. This treatment is obtainable on reasonable costs. Baldness is the problem that is affecting millions around the globe. These problems have great impact on the personality of a person. Baldness causes social and psychological impacts. You can find many such patients in Pakistan that are in search of treatments of their baldness. In Pakistani society, healthy and dense hairs are associated with good health and youth. People want to restore their hairs back on the scalp. Majority of the bald patients are suffering form androgenic alopecia. When no other medicine affects the patients, it is important for him or her to go through hair restoration surgery. Hair transplant surgeries are available in cities like Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta. You can find many hair loss clinics in different areas of these cities.

It  is a procedure where follicles are transferred from healthy portion of the scalp to the bald areas. These follicles are used in these surgeries, so that the hair re grows permanently on the balding portions of the scalp. You can find these surgeries in the country where experienced surgeons are helping patients in restoring their healthy hairs back.  Pakistan is one of the most populous countries of the South Asia that has geographical and political importance in its region. It is providing all the basic health treatments to its citizens and to those coming from abroad. You can find many hair loss treatment clinics in the country from where you can obtain a high quality treatment. These clinics provide the bald patients an opportunity to get the excellent surgery for their treatment.In the past when such surgeries were not available in the country, patients who want to get surgical hair replacement of their baldness have to go to foreign countries for their surgeries. At that time only the rich and elite patients of the country can afford these surgeries. The over all cost includes the air fare and hotel expense apart from the fees that is required for surgery. But when this treatment was introduced in country, many of the patients could access to this surgical treatment. In the past few years, cost of the surgical treatment is also lower down in Pakistan. Now there are thousands of patients that can obtain hair restoration surgery to get rid of their baldness. Though the price is low as compared to other countries, but the patients can get the excellent treatment in the end.

How to choose best hair transplant clinic in Lahore 

You can search about hair restoration clinic and surgeons in Lahore from different hair loss forums. You can find the reviews of the patients that have gone though the procedure in different clinics. In this way, you can find the best hair restoration clinic for your treatment in Lahore. It is important for patients to check the authenticity and results of the clinic or surgeon before their surgery. Patients should request the surgeon to show him pre and post photos and videos of his patients that have got the treatment in past. Many clinics also advertise their services in newspapers and magazines. People can also get their addresses and contact number from these advertisements.

You can find the both methods of hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan. Follicular unit transplant is the traditional method and you can find many surgeons in the country that are experienced in providing this treatment to the patients, this surgery is also obtained on a low price from the country. It is estimated that you need from fifty thousand to two hundred thousand Pakistani Rupees if you want to get this surgical treatment from the country. The second method follicular unit extraction is newer in country, but you can find many surgeons that can provide the best FUE treatment to the patients. It is important that patients should need to find average costs, best clinic, experienced surgeons before getting Hair transplant in Lahore.

Hair transplant in Lahore