Hair Transplant Side Effects

Hair Transplant Side Effects and Possible complicationsDealing with hair loss can be quite frustrating. It may leave a gap in your personality and can even make you feel less confident in public. Baldness has caused many men to cower and step back while they were known to be great fighters in their youth. Modern science has devised a way to cover this deficiency in humans with the treatment known as “hair transplant”. With this method baldness is covered with natural hair surgically inserted in the scalp so that you may feel handsome and confident again. People who have undergone this surgery have a better lifestyle now and are more confident in what they say and do. However they have experienced some troubles after their hair restoration. Although the sufferings varied from person to person but most of them experienced some or any one of the following  side effects or none at all.

 Bleeding: The skin is thinnest on the head and when pressure is applied on it, it may open up some pores. This causes blood to escape the open pores and extra stitches are required to close the wounds.

Itching: This is not an unusual side effect. When hair is pushed in the scalp it causes the skin to react against this artificial manner of hair growth. This does not last more than a few days as using shampoo regularly soothes the skin and the itching goes away.

Pain: Hair  surgery is not like other medical surgeries which involves deep cuts and wounds. There is very little pain involved in the process which may feel as minor stinging on the scalp. Mild pain relievers can cure this pain instantly.

 Numbness: This happens to most of the people who undergo hair restoration surgery. Patients have reported several weeks of numbness in the place where they have had their hair transplantation. This effect is only temporary and wears off without taking any medication.

 Swelling: This side effect has been reported by almost everyone who has undergone the transplant. It mostly occurred on the forehead and around the eyes. This is caused only by the unusual flow of blood in the veins and eases after some days when the body becomes used to the new hair.

  Infections: A very rare case among patients of hair loss surgery, but yes people with sensitive skin may catch infections. Taking antibiotics prescribed by the physician solves the problem within days.

Thinning of natural hair: This is a very interesting side effect and people are mostly alarmed to notice they are losing their natural hair. This is not a permanent hair transplant side effect but is only caused due to the new hair interfering with the blood flow in the scalp. After a few days of surgery, you can have your natural hair back to its normal thickness.

Every person has a unique body. It cannot be guaranteed as to what would be the hair transplant side effect on him. A capable surgeon can perform the procedure very well reducing chances of side effects but it cannot be totally eliminated. The side effects are not permanent and the skin quickly adapts to the new hair along with the natural ones. 

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