Hair transplant surgery after folliculitis possible?


Few years back I have pimples on my scalp and my Dermatologist diagnosed it as folliculitis. I lost my hair during this folliculitis disease and after treatment my lost hair grow back. But still there are many spots where I don’t have hair regrowth. It is now patchy hair loss or baldness. The scalp patches are scarred and burning like effect.  I am 28 years and really embarrassing socially for me. I tried to cover these patchy hair loss with Toppik and hair building fibers but it’s not a permanent solution. Can i have hair restoration surgery after patchy hair loss due to baldness? Can i have folliculitis in future even after hair transplant surgery?


Folliculitis is a inflammation of hair and sometime this inflammatory process destroy basic structure of hair and bulb. As a result permanent patchy baldness or spotted hair loss. There are different kind of folliculitis depending upon etiology and types of cells. However exact nature of disease is diagnosed after biopsy and nature of folliculitis. After physical examination Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry will decide whether we should proceed for hair transplant surgery or not to proceed for hair restoration. what would be outcome after the procedure will be decided on the basis of activeness of disease. As you said there is patchy hair loss  and disease is not progressive then we can opt for hair transplant surgery. However sometimes folliculitis reactivate after transplant procedure. It can recur and could be treated with medication. It is better if you can visit our hair transplant clinic in Lahore and get opinion from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.

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