Solutions Bald Head

What is best solution for baldness treatment?

Hair transplantations is usually explained as removing hair from a person who is donating the hair (also called the donor) and then transferred to a bald person on his scalp. This way, initially these hairs falls out but after a while they start growing inside of the recipient’s scalp or bald area anywhere on the scalp. After surgery, these transplanted hairs grow as long as they would have grown in the donor’s scalp. One thing to keep in mind is that the transplanted hairs will have the same qualities and characteristics as per the donor from which they were taken and no matter if the recipient used to have different kind of hair, he won’t be able to change the transplanted hair as per his own body.Solutions Bald Head

Cost of hair loss treatment:
Those who are getting bald and want to have hair restoration should keep in mind that depending on the affected area on the scalp, the procedure is not a cheap surgery and even when it costs thousands of dollars, no insurance covers it in any condition. The cost and expenses of hair surgery vary with different surgeons, methods, availability of donors but the main thing that the surgery depends on is the affected area on scalp. It usually costs in between $4,000 to $15,000 depending on the size of transplantation, requirements of the recipient and place where the surgery is going to be done. In European countries such as France and England, hair transplant costs way more than it costs in Middle Eastern countries like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Is it possible to regrow hair on bald spot?

1.       Strip surgery (FUT):

Donor area strip is removed with incision and scalpel. The recipient area on the donor’s scalp is covered with sutures. The best thing about this procedure is that it’s more compatible with larger affected areas. The area on which the strip is applied usually takes few days to heel and it can be less painful with number of medicines and tablets that are recommended as pain killers to the patients.

2.     How to grow new hair on head via Fue hair transplant procedure?
This is a more updated and modern procedure of hair transplantation and it’s preferred by most of the patients as compared to the 1st one. In this process, strands of hair are transplanted to the patient from the back and sides of his head. This way the hairs grow better and they look more natural as it doesn’t involve any donor and the recipient takes his own hair on the bald area of the scalp. This method is also very famous because it doesn’t involve deep cutting and major surgeries so the heeling time is way shorter than the FUSS process.

3.      Scalp Reduction
As compared to other implemented methods, this procedure is rarely used and it’s not that famous as well. There are only few transplantation centers in the world that have the ability to apply this method. In this process, the bald area on the scalp is removed from the head and hair bearing scalp is stretched and attached together to cover what has been detached. Other than the pain that is involved in this process and the expensive costs, this method is also not applied as it can lead to tightening of the scalp which has number of side effects afterwards.To know more about Solutions Bald Head please call or write us.